How To Lap Dance


Even if you aren’t interested in becoming a professional stripper, maybe you want to learn how to lapdance for your significant other.  My friends Jay Archer And Tiffany Claire created a product called Lap Dance Unleashed that reviews everything you would ever need to know about how to give a lapdance.

Part 1: How To Prepare For Giving Your Man The Sexiest Lapdance Of His Life!

Part 2: How To Start The Lapdance Confidently

Part 3: How To Perform The Seven Basic Lapdance Moves

Part 4: How To Master The Six Advanced Lapdance Moves

Part 5: How To Remove Your Clothes Seductively, Without Looking (Or Feeling) Silly…
Part 6: How To End The Lapdance With Total Confidence

Part 7: How To Put It All Into Action, Step-By-Step:



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